One for All!
all for One!

Who we are











We are the united members of an international community which upholds the value of integrity, honest play, mutual support, and team work


We do not differentiate anyone on any personal trait or country of origin.


We are funded by female gamers and does not tolerate profanity and sexism on our servers.


We value noobs and pros alike. No shame message against noobs on our server is allowed.


About us


We are a small but growing community of dedicated video game players from all around the globe.

We value team based play, mutual respect (include opponents), giveback to the community, fair play (no cheat please).

We offer four (growing) 24/7 Public Ranked Semi-Hardcore Battlefield Server with maps of your choice (based on community polls).

We live on my (Lara T. Lafleche) part time earnings (hard work) and contributions from our players.

Our goal is to become one of the finest team orientated semi-hardcore competitive community.



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