Form connections, share everything you want

Lara's server is curating all forms of topics and kinks, we want you to find here something who's into the things you're into and feel like home, accepted. With the anonimity that the internet provides, you can be open and share your deepest desires, by being free of the shackles of being judged and of the social norms. Even since I was in highschool, I've found myself confessing to strangers on the web rather than the people in my life, being more comfortable discussing certaing topics with people who can't judge me. Maybe this type of socializing isn't the healthiest considering we should do it in real life, but for me it is the one I'm most comfortable with. However, not everyone is the same, online socializing might not be your first choice. But even if this is the case, it can be a portal to help you find likeminded people. Social media offered us the posibility to bypass the "social circle by chance", meaning you no longer have to hang out with only the people in your proximity. This is a great thing, because chances that people near you are like you are slim. You might find someone who shares your passions, hobbies, kinks or whatever you are into, even thousands miles away.

However, we want to keep this this community private and not fill it with bots and people who want to promote different stuff. That's how we got our first server closed, there were almost 50k people in it and it was hard to manage, even with our hardworking moderators.

  • You can share your fetishes and even find a channel for things you are interested it. And if you don't, there's always the server suggestion channel.
  • Voice channels.
  • Sauce Channels.
  • Lewd Channels
  • Meet new people.
  • Nude Seflies
  • Discuss different topics, not necessarily adult related. We have Gaming Channels, Anime Channels, Memes and such.
  • Sex life discussions and suggestions
  • Active users, no bots or spam, ever.
  • Anonomity is self-understood.
  • Porn, Onlyfans and Twitch discussion

Keeping the community private

The first server got deleted because people started sharing things that were copyrighted and our server got flagged, eventually, people started reporting it just for the sake of it. That's why we gave a lot of thought about how we can keep the server clean and out of bots. The idea of making a paid community was on the table, but we don't want to add a fee for it, because anyone should join without having to pay. However, we might add a fee for it later down the road. But for now, to enter, you might have to download an app on your phone or a simple task like this, only to be sure no bots would enter and spam our server. We don't want to disturb our members with spam, so this is has become a necessity, after the first Discord server got closed.


Meet single women(and men) on the Whatsapp group

While the Discord server is more versatile and can have different channels for different conversation types, the adult Whatsapp is shifted more towards meeting people. Each one of the members has thir number on the Whatsapp group and in this way you can connect directly with someone if both of you agree upon it. You can call each other and whatever you like. We had several members connecting individually through Whatsapp than Discord. That's because Discord tends to work as a forum type medium, while Whatsapp encourages a more direct approach. But don't ever send unsolicited dick pics, please!